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Tongxiang Small Boss

01PVC compound

Mature formula, uniform color, plump compound

02PVC profile

Advanced technology, bright and clean surface, excellent shape

03PVC corner bead

Difficult to break, Excellent impact toughness

04MBBR biofilter media

Special formulas, larger surface area, biofilm formation duration
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Tongxiang Smallboss company Convene..

Tongxiang Smallboss company Convene..

R & D capabilities
Small Boss is specialized in researching all kinds of pvc extrusion profile, PVC compound, TPR/TPE granules, MBBR biofilter media. In order to produce best products, our factory made many efforts ......
About Us
Tongxiang Small Boss Special Plastic Products Co.,LTD. (Small Boss) , a strong technical force company of plastic products & raw materials was founded in 1992......